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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 13, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world this morning on "world news now" -- spreading virus. growing concerns about ebola after a dallas nurse is infected. her every move at the hospital now under investigation. >> unfortunately, it is possible in the coming days that we will see additional cases of ebola. >> the first american transmission and questions about a public health threat. fighting isis. serious questions from the top about american air strikes on isis territory. are they enough to battle the dangerous militants, and what's next for u.s. troops? and school scandal. the hazing allegations and serious criminal charges filed against members of a football team. >> kids who didn't do anything are suffering. >> the outcry at the high school as administrators thank a hero for blowing the whistle. it's monday, october 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning.
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i'm tai hernandez. >> i'm t.j. holmes. thank you, tai, for being here. hard to get anyone to come hang out with us. >> columbus day. not everybody has it off. if you don't have it off, have a nice cup of coffee with us. >> were you supposed to have it off? >> you know, things were meant to be. >> it was meant to be. appreciate you being here. thank you very much. we have to start with that search for answers that a texas nurse has been diagnosed with ebola. >> the woman was among the health care workers who took care of thomas eric duncan, the patient who died from the virus. marci gonzalez has the latest from dallas. >> reporter: good morning. an investigation under way with some seriously concerned that the nurse who is in isolation in
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stable condition may not be the only one who was infected here. health officials in dallas trying to figure out how a nurse contracted ebola. while she did treat thomas eric duncan, who died of the virus here wednesday, hospital management claims she followed cdc guidelines and wore full protective gear. >> certainly very concerning. and it tells us that there's a need to enhance the training and protocols to make sure that the protocols are followed. the protocols work. >> reporter: the nurse in her 20s reportedly started having symptoms and drove herself to presbyterian hospital. they are working fast to determine who the nurse has been in close contact with since she started feeling sick. one person already in isolation as a precaution. as hazmat crews decontaminate her home and apartment complex and word goes out to neighbors in person and by phone -- >> please be advised that a
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health care worker who lives in your area has tested positive for the ebola virus. >> reporter: -- officials are urging calm saying the community is not at risk. still, the cdc says they are bracing for the possibility that other health care workers at this hospital may also be infected. >> unfortunately, it is possible in the coming days that we will see additional cases of ebola. this is because the health care workers who cared for this individual may have had a breach of the same nature. >> reporter: meanwhile, the nearly 50 people believed to have had contact with thomas eric duncan before he was hospitalized are still being monitored. and we're told still have not shown any symptoms. tai and t.j.? >> marci, thanks. a patient who had been to liberia whose symptoms forced the shutdown of a medical center in massachusetts is not at risk for ebola. during the brief shutdown they blocked the entrance to the clinic parking lot in braintree. one woman who says she's 7 months pregnant was among those
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told to leave without much explanation. >> we didn't get to wash our hands or do anything. no one has told us what to do. they said take a shower and check your temperature for the next 21 days. >> the patient was transferred to a boston hospital. he's in isolation as a precaution. thousands of u.s. troops are being sent to the hot zone in the international effort to battle ebola. soldiers from ft. campbell, kentucky, are being given these guidelines -- not a good idea to shake hands, keep a comfortable distance when talking to people on the ground, and you should wear three layers of gloves. >> mres. water that's provided by the army. nothing from the local population. >> the pentagon is sending 4,000 u.s. service members to build clinics for the sick and move supplies. leaders in iraq's anbar province are pleading for the u.s. to send in ground troops to beat back the brutal and
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relentless advance of isis fighters. it comes as america's highest ranking military officer is admitting those u.s. air strikes are not working. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: kobani is surrounded by isis militants who battled their way in. u.s. officials warnings its capture could be imminent. over 200,000 residents have fled across the border into turkey. the u.n. has warned of a possible massacre of those who remain. some 50 u.s.-led air strikes against isis positions in the past week have failed to stop their advance. and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, acknowledged in an interview with abc's martha raddatz that isis is now changing tactics. >> the enemy adapts. they'll be harder to target, yeah. they know how to maneuver and how to use populations and concealment. >> reporter: the general also revealed isis in iraq had come within 15 miles of baghdad's airport.
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so close that the u.s. had to call in apache attack helicopters for the first time. general dempsey warned he expects to start seeing isis firing into baghdad from nearby positions. for now he says there are no immediate plans for u.s. ground troops in iraq, but he said the role of u.s. military advisers there may have to evolve with the fighting. alex marquardt, abc news, beirut. a new development in the manslaughter trial of the former captain of the luxury cruise liner that capsized off italy. francesco schettino tells italian tv he did not abandon ship. he says investigators misinterpreted his story when they first questioned him. he steered the "costa concordia" too close to a reef in january 2012, capsizing the ship which killed 32 people. oscar pistorius is expected to learn his fate this week for the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the south african judge who convicted the paralympic star of culpable homicide will begin hearing arguments today.
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the sentencing phase could last up to four days with defense attorneys poised to argue for leniency. pistorius could face anything from a suspended sentence to a 15-year prison sentence. thousands in bermuda faced tropical storm fay. it slammed into bermuda with 65 mile-per-hour winds, and heavy rain knocked out power to 30,000 customers before moving out over the open ocean and strengthening into a hurricane. forecasters say, however, that a cold front will likely absorb fay over the course of today. flash flood watches and warnings have been posted across puerto rico as a new storm races toward the eastern rim of the caribbean. tropical storm gonzalo has winds of 45 miles an hour but is expected to curve over the open atlantic missing the u.s. east coast. not only are the tropics heating up, summer-like storm warnings posted in the middle of the country. >> the latest from accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. >> good morning.
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good morning. a couple of systems we're tracking across the atlantic. one storm that's departing bermuda no longer an issue here. now we're tracking gonzalo headed toward the leeward islands, toward puerto rico and hispaniola toward the early to middle part of this week. going to bring heavy rainfall and likely going to strengthen, moving into an area that would be favorable for development. this is not expected to impact u.s. mainland. we'll keep a close eye on it. it's expected to make a turn to the north but could impact bermuda into the upcoming weekend. a powerful storm system moving out of texas. dangerous storms headed through dallas, headed through oklahoma and then the storms expand toward mississippi here in the afternoon and evening. gusty winds, large hail. torrential rain. back to you. >> thanks. now a dramatic rescue off the san diego coast saving three swimmers trapped in a cave. the teens had to be plucked to safety with ropes and a crane after jumping from a cliff not realizing how rough the water
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had become. the incoming tide pushed them to the back of the cave. the only way out was up. all three swimmers are expected to be okay. a rescue operation was under way at the indianapolis zoo after a sky ride got stuck 35 feet in the air. six people, including two children, were trapped in two sky cars at the orangutan exhibit. firefighters had to use a lift and harness system to get them down. and a dozen riders in several other cars were evacuated by ladder, but no one was hurt. another reason to drink coffee. a lot of you drink it just to stay awake, maybe at this hour. new research says the coffee can actually lower your chances of liver disease. things like cirrhosis and cancer. since it doesn't appear caffeine is the reason, you can even drink decaf and still get the benefits. studies have shown drinking coffee may lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. raising spirits this weekend in rhode island were pumpkins, really big pumpkins. >> they do this every year in
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warren, rhode island. this patch of giant pumpkins looks like something maybe out of a kids' fable. this year's winner weighed 1,870 pounds. >> a squash weighing 1,421 pounds was also entered into this year's contest. it's the second biggest squash ever grown in the world. >> second biggest? people like big food, right? >> they do. i don't know if you've tried to grow anything. it makes me angry to see how much success some people get. i plant the $5 tomato plant and get one tomato. >> it was a $5 tomato plant, what do you expect? >> i got cheated. i'm a terrible gardener. >> she has envy. "the mix" coming up in just a bit. important news for single women out there. you'll need to see this. we'll tell you which states have the most immature men. you might want to get the heck out of those states if you live there. first, "the walking dead" coming very much alive in the
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much-anticipated new season. the ultra popular cable series. t.j. may like this series. >> love it. >> we're in for a scare as we go behind the scenes. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite. >> love it. >> we're in for a scare as we go behind the scenes. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite. woollite. when you find clothes you love, you want them to last. so, why risk ruining the way they fit? try woolite. woolite's not just for delicates... it's for your everyday clothes. this! because it has the right balance of cleaning and care. unlike other detergents, woolite with fiber-flex technology won't cause stretching, keeping that perfect fit, wash after wash. don't take a chance. trust woolite.
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supposed to be the supposed to be the homecoming weekend for a football powerhouse high school. but last night hundreds of people in sayreville, new jersey, held a vigil to make sense of the hazing scandal that's rocked their community. >> teachers, students, and parents came together. seven are under arrest for their attacks on younger teammates. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: seven players on the sayreville high school football team are facing criminal charges. aggravated sexual assault, aggravated assault and criminal restraint in an alleged hazing case that's rocked the suburban new jersey town and prompted the school district to cancel the season. >> we don't have enough respect -- >> reporter: before charges were filed and the extent of the allegations revealed, angry students and teachers confronted board members. >> kids who didn't do anything are suffering. >> reporter: the superintendent
3:16 am
stood firm saying the hazing allegations demanded a strong response. >> one or two courageous kids that stepped up and did the right thing. they prevented one less child from being harassed, intimidated and bullied. >> reporter: experts say even if teammates don't take part in the assaults themselves, they are often aware of what's going on. >> why punish the group for the acts of a few? >> the group has to understand if you're going to be a team and haze in order to be a member of the team, then you have to take the consequences as a team. >> reporter: the students ranging from 15 to 17 years old could be facing jail time. less than a year if tried as juveniles but more than 30 years if tried as adults. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> interesting to see a lot of those kids come forward and, you know, the opinions coming out of the mix. it's a really difficult story to have to listen to and to deal with. >> lesson learned. we're supposed to be teaching young men, raising young kids.
3:17 am
but football rules in this country. college, pro and even on the high school level. some can only see this is athletics. we love our football team. shouldn't be the case. maybe lesson learned. maybe a kid's life was saved. sounded like some of this hazing was pretty bad. more to come on that, of course. we'll turn to something on your list. >> it's on my list. >> i've not seen it yet. but a lot of people love it. >> "walking dead." love it. last night the big season premiere. we'll take you behind the scenes. see how hard it is. all the work that goes into making this monster hit of a show. and ahead in our next half hour, the world's most expensive burger. it's so fancy, it's been dubbed the glam burger. you don't need a fork, but you have to fork over the cash if you want a bite of this bad boy. that's ahead on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. .
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"the walking dead" kicked off its new season last night. and just like the zombies on the show, its legions of fans are diehards. >> a lot of work goes into turning the living into the dead. i am envious of abc's dan harris for a lot of reasons but really envious he got this behind the scenes tour at their secret location. >> what is that, vomit? >> this is -- >> vomit and plastic. >> reporter: you don't have to spend a lot of time an the set of "the walking dead" to get a sense of one reason why this show is so successful. they are obsessed with making it as realistic as possible. >> that doesn't even have a nose. >> i am so fixated an the fact he doesn't have a nose but you're noticing his buttons. >> they're shining. that's distracting.
3:20 am
>> going to press the button on that. >> they also pay meticulous attention to realism in the weapons department. that sword used by the character is real and really powerful as i found out. >> anybody want some watermelon? after a quick visit to the makeup trailer to get a zombie bite affixed to my arm, we meet the actors. how would you describe season five without giving anything away? >> we're shooting the first episode. i was leaning over to andy going, man, they're never going to be able to show this on tv. >> really? >> he said, dude, you say that every year. >> reporter: it was truly striking how much lighter the actors are in real life than the people we see on the screen. >> here's josh mcdermott who plays a mysterious character who may have a way to rid the world
3:21 am
of walkers. do you have the cure to the zombie apocalypse? >> the cure is in the mullet. >> what would you treat this with? >> i would put this banana peel on it. >> with a zombie bite, don't you just chop off the arm? >> yeah. we could go from here but aesthetically, we'd go from here. >> how much training have you develop through to wield that on the show? >> i have been trained by very great trainers. >> you've pretty athletic. i think you can probably kick my ass if you had to. >> i don't want to have to do that. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> you have to get on board this show. >> i tell you, each job on that show looked cooler than the next. would i want to be the makeup artist?
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[ female announcer ] k-y yours & mine. his excites. hers delights. together feel them ignite. keep life sexy. time for us to turn to "the mix." this is the one ladies need to pay attention to. >> i'll take this, t.j. we're talking about immature men. they did a study an which u.s. states have the most immature men. i know every woman out there is guessing her state. we have the official list. a map and rhode island, delaware. i'm going to tell you the criteria for that. so does he live at home? are you -- you don't live with your mom and dad. are you a fantasy football enthusiast? >> not at all. >> beer pong enthusiast? >> not at all. >> video game? >> not at all. >> do you watch "family guy"? >> i do watch "family guy." >> the state with the most
3:26 am
mature men, washington state, idaho and utah. >> so there you have it, ladies. >> do you take selfies? >> i don't. i should, though, shouldn't i? >> this is a young woman taking a selfie. just stay with her for a second. she's trying to get the perfect shot. i'm not sure what. her back side, right? she's trying to get a butt shot. with this young lady, this has gotten over a million hits. as you make fun of her, a lot of people do this. anybody who takes a selfie, you don't get it right the first time. you pose and pose and pose and pose. and if somebody had the camera on you, you might as well looking this silly. >> you are so into it you don't notice everyone staring at you. you like going to comedy clubs? >> haven't gone in a while but i do like it. >> normally you pay the coverage charge.
3:27 am
in barcelona, there's a club where you pay per laugh. they set up these ipads on the back and show your face. every time you smile or laugh they charge you some money. that's what you end up paying. >> that's not a bad idea. they did this because they started taxing people on the tickets. sales went down. people didn't want to pay all the tickets. i love this idea. >> if it's funny, you pay more. you had a good time. i always laugh because sometimes i feel bad for the comics. and the poor comic is like, uh-uh. sorry. no freebies. >> you get charged for your fake charity laugh. a lot of people may be interested in this. that phone of yours it's always an issue to keep it charged. what if you could charge it by exercising. they've invented this at northwestern. a device that will charge your phone based an how much physical activity you are doing. so you go jogging, ride a bike. if you jog for 30 minutes, it can give you 50% to 75% charge on your battery. >> that's about three hours worth. >> but you have to get moving,
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this morning on "world news now" -- ebola in america. the latest threat as a nurse in dallas is infected. her contact with a patient who died. the precautions being taken and the fears of more americans getting sick. missouri uproar. tensions boil over in st. louis. once again last night as demonstrators demand action after police shootings. the arrests and the search for answers. terrifying trend. s.w.a.t. teams showing up at homes of unsuspecting americans. the costly prank, who's behind it and the serious consequences. superstar move. soccer great david beckham takes on a serious new role away from the field. his new message about saving lives that's going to be heard worldwide. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, october 13th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. good morning on this columbus day. i'm tai hernandez. >> it is a holiday. i'm t.j. holmes. who is off today? federal government is out, right? >> lucky folks. kids, no school today. >> but you're here. >> i love being here. >> that's right. it's okay. you can say it. >> okay. >> it's all right. we have to start really with a lot of developments over the weekend. maybe you were paying attention. maybe you were watching football and didn't see a lot of this. now we have to start in texas where health officials are once again scrambling to figure out how a nurse at a dallas hospital got ebola. >> the head of the cdc said the young woman wore protective gear while treating the liberian man who died from the virus. the nurse is now in stable condition. another person described as a close contact has been proactively placed in isolation.
3:32 am
>> ryan owens with more. >> reporter: thomas eric duncan may have died but the virus he brought to the united states lives on. the nurse in her 20s who cared for the ebola patient has tested positive. >> that health care worker is a heroic person who provided care to mr. duncan. >> reporter: the hospital says the nurse was wearing full protective gear while treating duncan in quarantine. somehow, she got infected anyway and the cdc warns she may not be the only one. >> unfortunately, it is possible in the coming days we will see additional cases of ebola. this is because the health care workers who cared for this individual may have had a breach of the same nature of the individual who appears now to have preliminary positive tests. >> reporter: the nurse started showing symptoms friday night. she drove herself to her own hospital. within 90 minutes, she was in isolation. late saturday night, the ebola test came back positive. the nurse was not in the group of 48 people being monitored because she came into contact with duncan only after he was
3:33 am
in quarantine. disease detectives are retracing her steps. who did she have close contact with? so far just one person who has been isolated. they will also try to answer the critical question -- how does a nurse following cdc guidelines wearing a face mask, two layers of gloves, shoe covers, leg covers, still get infected? we know some hospitals go even further with hooded tyvek suits, taping gloves to sleeves and suits to boots so not a fraction of skin is exposed. the same crews that decontaminated duncan's apartment are working on the nurse's. health officials are passing out information door to door. neighbors within a four-block radius of her building woke up to this reverse 911 call. >> please be advised that a health care worker who lives in your area has tested positive for the ebola virus. >> reporter: these neighbors
3:34 am
aren't taking any chances. they share a dumpster with the nurse. >> definitely it's scary being in dallas. but then when it's like right here. >> reporter: health officials are scrambling to figure out what to do with it. now the dozens of others being monitored here in dallas, no one, including duncan's family members, are showing any symptoms. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. we are tracking another possible case in the boston area. that patient had been to liberia and is being watched closely. the man's symptoms, headaches and muscle aches, briefly forced the closure of a clinic. he was then taken to a hospital in boston which has an isolation unit. they do not believe at this point he has ebola. and another scare. this one in los angeles. a united flight that landed at l.a.x. was taken to a remote area of the airport because a passenger on board was exhibiting flu-like symptoms. emergency crews boarded the plane wearing protective suits. but they determined the patient was not at risk for
3:35 am
ebola. the patient had recently travelled to south africa, not west africa where the outbreak has taken place. things got tense in and around st. louis over the weekend as protesters took to the streets, rallying against several police shootings involving young african-american men. many ending up behind bars. steve osunsami is there. >> reporter: take a look. this was the peaceful protest outside ferguson police headquarters. they were in this officer's face questioning his blackness. >> how did you stand for that as a black man? >> reporter: it got even uglier across town on the tough side of st. louis. young people furious over the latest shooting death of this 18-year-old marched to
3:36 am
the closest quiktrip, blocked the entrance and refused to leave. police arrested 17 people and threw tear gas. quiktrip convenience stores have become a rallying point in the protests against police after unarmed 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in august. they burned this one down. this weekend, brown's mother led a march from her son's memorial in ferguson to one of several demonstrations. a grand jury is still deciding whether the officer who shot him dead will face any charges. police in st. louis say the meyers shooting is difference. the teen had a gun and a record and fired three to four shots at the off-duty officer who killed him. >> all that is fabricated. every bit of it. >> reporter: steve osunsami, st. louis. a teenage girl is dead after an accident on a hay ride in maine. the jeep towing the wagon plunged down a hill before striking a tree on saturday. the wagon overturned. everybody on board was injured. nearly two dozen others.
3:37 am
harvest hills farms was operating six hay rides that night, but the gauntlet hay ride is off limits for the rest of the season. two toddlers injured in another fall festival. their inflated bouncy house was picked up by the wind and carried 50 feet. it was still being set up and wasn't yet tethered to the ground when the two boys crawled inside. one of the toddlers is in critical condition. the owner had blocked off the entrance with hay bales. it looks more like winter than fall in parts of colorado as a storm dumps heavy snow in the mountains. a string of accidents forced officials to temporarily shut down interstate 70 in both directions yesterday. cars slid off the highway and tractor trailers were disabled as icy roads caught many drivers off guard. a wildfire at yosemite national park is almost fully contained nearly a week after an air tanker went down killing the pilot. the fire burned more than 300 acres before firefighters gained control.
3:38 am
the pilot was dropping fire retardant on the flames when the pilot slammed into a canyon wall. far off the east coast, folks in bermuda are cleaning up from the battering from tropical storm fay. it slammed into the islands with heavy wind and rain, and it knocked out power to 30,000 customers before moving out over the ocean and briefly strengthening into a hurricane. an advancing cold front is expected to neutralize fay at some point today. much further south, another storm is brewing. flash flood watches and warnings have been posted across puerto rico as it races toward the eastern rim of the caribbean. gonzalo is expected to swing out into the open atlantic missing the u.s. east coast. take a look now at today's weather. >> a band of severe storms is covering a wide area from the texas gulf coast up into the great lakes. 40 million americans are in the storm zone. torrential rains could dump five inches in some places. showers also for the pacific northwest and south florida. >> look like october in a lot
3:39 am
of parts of the country. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s in the deep south, southwest and southern california. after four years of near misses, a maine couple finally, finally has won the north american wife-carrying championship? who knew this was a thing, right? we see this over the years. jesse wall and his wife christina arsenault. >> i hope they're married. >> they will be soon if not yet. covered about 300 yards over obstacles and muddy water. >> and prizes, they'll share her weight in beer. she weighs 96 pounds and five times her weight in cash. not quite $500. they've now qualified to compete in the world championship in finland next summer. >> that's why they won. she's tiny. >> and they get their weight in beer and cash. it's something. >> that is something to see. but they've been trying for
3:40 am
years. this is their goal. >> i wonder what the neighbors are thinking as they are practicing in the backyard. >> maybe they were practicing in the bedroom and it came out a little differently. [ sound effect ] >> really? >> they had to bust out the sound effects for that one. we're coming to "the skinny" in just a bit. did taylor swift lose her cool on live television? see this clip, and you decide for yourself. >> and feast your eyes on this hamburger. look but don't touch because it costs a lot of money. it costs almost $2,000. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by dawn ultra. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by dawn ultra. literally. you had to go deep into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep. can this mismatched mess be conquered... by a little bit of dish liquid? it can if it's dawn ultra.
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it has happened to some of the biggest names in hollywood. now that dangerous prank swatting is showing up on the door steps of homes across the country. >> police in new mexico ordering one terrified homeowner out with her hands up. here's abc's brandi hitt with more. >> he's swinging it right at me. i got my hands up. >> reporter: you're watching police wearing body cameras surrounding an albuquerque women's home in the middle of the afternoon, guns drawn. >> looks like i saw maybe some kind of movement in the front window. >> reporter: officers taking cover behind a car. assault rifles trained on a very confused homeowner. >> they are asking that you step out with your hands in the air. >> okay. please don't have them shoot me. >> reporter: it's all because of
3:45 am
this fake 911 call. >> it's either i kill my baby or i get $20,000 so i can get more heroin. >> reporter: she's the latest victim of swatting. pranksters who disguise their phone numbers, then call, 911 triggering police raids on innocent people. >> a man had killed his wife and was getting ready to kill his children. that's why we're here today. >> reporter: police are searching for the person behind this bogus call. first targeting celebrities like miley cyrus, justin bieber and ashton kutcher, swatting has gone mainstream. the fbi estimating roughly 400 swatting calls each year. >> how much is this costing law enforcement agencies? >> i believe this is costing law enforcement and public safety agencies hundreds of thousands over the course of the year. >> reporter: and law enforcement is now cracking down on swatting nationwide. punishments ranging from a few months behind bars to one teen now serving an 11-year prison sentence. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> that's a wake-up call. >> people got time on their
3:46 am
hands, don't they? >> they do. people don't realize how serious that is. now they are thinking of making the prankster pay for all of that. >> good. >> response. it's very pricey. >> all about a good prank. >> are you? >> but that's not funny. >> come on. that's not funny. that's terrifying. coming up next, taylor swift in the middle of a cat fight. i know what you're thinking when you hear that. >> even better than what you're thinking. also we'll head to the museum of beyonce and jay-z and blue ivy and check out the latest celebrity engagement all next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ues after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our ab
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ yes, it's that time. leading us off on "the skinny" is -- we talked about him a time or two -- david beckham. >> the former soccer playing superstar is set to take on his toughest opponent yet. unicef ambassador. he's going to lead a campaign to stop the spread of the deadly ebola virus. he'll appear in a video highlighting the way to prevent the spread of the disease that's already claimed over 4,000 lives.
3:49 am
the video will be broadcast across west africa, the epicenter of the current outbreak. >> beckham is one of the most recognizable stars on the planet. especially beloved in sierra leone. one of the hardest hit by the epidemic. really the whole continent of africa big fans of soccer and he's been one of the biggest stars in soccer for literally decades now. they've been following him for quite some time. >> should have an impact. let's turn now to taylor swift. the superstar was across the pond making an appearance on "the graham norton show." >> the conversation turned to -- his comments about her pet, were they nice or just a joke? see how she took it. >> how did you have the accident. >> what? >> is that a proper cat? [ laughter ] >> it's a beautiful cat. >> okay. >> that's the weirdest cat i've ever seen in my life. >> she's going to scratch him. all right. obviously a little flustered by
3:50 am
his remarks. they continued to talk about felines. that's cleese's cat. he revealed he has a large cat and that made her jaw drop. you'll have to decide whose cat is better. >> he had a legitimate -- >> he seemed sincere. the cat had something particular going on. something with the ears. >> i love how they -- is that a proper cat? >> that was a genuine reaction. don't be offended. the cat is different. >> he's a funny guy. >> he was funny. we're going to stay overseas. and the carter family as they enjoy a little art. >> okay. jay-z, beyonce and their little girl blue ivy were in paris taking on the sights at the
3:51 am
famous louvre museum. they visited one of the main attractions, da vinci's "mona lisa" painting. >> beyonce posted a handful of shots, including little blue ivy showing to be a bit of a photographer. she's 2 years old. >> so cute. i'm thinking, what is she wearing? we're going to send a big "skinny" congrats to the "duck dynasty" family. willie robertson's daughter and "dancing with the stars," john luke is now engaged. >> he proposed to his girlfriend mary kate. they had a party celebrating his 19th birthday. why 19-year-old. she posted a picture announcing the engagement with the caption, happy birthday to the boy i'm going to marry. yeah, boy is probably right. >> pretty young. the louisiana couple has been together since march and had attended high school together. now they have wedding plans but they're yet to be announced. it's sure to be a big celebration. >> i've got a lot of questions about that. we'll turn to the celebrity birthdays. >> legendary singer/songwriter paul simon. turns 73. >> cowboys owner >> marie osmond, 55. >> you know him as borat. the actor, sacha baron cohen turns 43.
3:52 am
happy birthday to all. >> and you, too, if today is your birthday. actor, yeah, we were nervous to try it. there's an amazing sensation for her. amazing. this one feels fantastic for me. and combined... ohh, it's a completely new sensation for us both. it's opened a whole new door for us. i've come to clean your pool. but we don't have a pool. i'll come in anyway. next week i'm going to be a maid. [ female announcer ] k-y yours & mine. his excites. hers delights. together feel them ignite. keep life sexy. together feel them ignite. sometimes come out with spots? well, those spots are actually leftover food or detergent residue. can we help prevent this? yes, use finish jet dry. it goes in your dishwasher's dispenser to help eliminate spots and residues. wow, what a difference! ♪ honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know.
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just fabulous! don't take a chance. trust woolite darks. ♪ if you like burgers, most of us do, you want one that costs just a few bucks. most do. just a couple ingredients. no wig deal. but for those who have a more sophisticated palate and deeper pockets, you have the glam burger. >> it's believed to be the most expensive burger on earth, nearly two grand, mostly because of its 14 ingredients. but how does it taste? hamish macdonald gave it a taste. >> reporter: pimp your burger, they say, is the most expensive single serving of beef on a bun.
3:56 am
a layer of french cheese, lobster flown in from canada and bacon coated in maple syrup. how many calories in something like this? >> 2,618 to be precise. >> reporter: so expensive and incredibly healthy. >> take the french black truffle brie. >> venison from new zealand and the finest quality kobe brief -- beef pampered and plumped in japan. >> these are happy cows. >> reporter: not quite so happy now. but these are the really big-ticket items. iranian saffron at almost $250 an ounce. saffron at almost 250 an ounce. white truffle shipped in from italy at $1500 a pound. the most expensive, beluga caviar from russia. a pound of this stuff is worth more than $3,000. all this is topped with 24 karat gold leaf. the burger truly is fit for a
3:57 am
king. there we have the glam burger. >> it will set you back almost $1800 in total. it is big, and it is beefy. >> i'm kind of scared of this. is there a neat way of eating this? no. it's all over my face and all over my hand. literally hundreds of dollars of stuff on my face. hamish macdonald, abc news, london. >> he didn't say whether it was good. >> he didn't say. >> 1800 bucks. are you kidding me? i'd love to try it. no way i'd pay for it. >> maybe if you split it with 900 of your friends. >> how can that be good? look at that. i'm a burger guy, yes. that's my burger. what is that, a whopper jr.? >> 99 cents. >> come on. >> you eat the gold? >> you eat the gold. make you feel like a king. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. ouncer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- ebola fears. for the first time, a person contracts the deadly virus in the united states. raising anxiety and questions about the public's safety. we're live this morning with the all-out search to discover how she was infected. severe weather. another named system brewing in the tropics. as strong storms sweep across the country. we're tracking it all this morning. rude interruption. what happened in the crowd that startled former secretary of state hillary clinton during a speech. and give me a y-e-s. an exciting game day with a memorable moment on the sideline. and good monday morning to


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